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Hazard ID / Near Miss / Observation | HID2 has a minimalist design with its compact half letter (8.5″ x 5.5″) page size. Easily identify with checkboxes whether the event is a Near Miss, Hazard ID or Observation. Then it can be marked off if a correction has occurred as well. It provides large sections of 6 or more rows in order to identify the event and provide recommended actions. Conveniently, there are also checkboxes to indicate whether the level of risk was high, medium or low.

Hazard Identification is part of the risk assessment process. Some of the categories used to ID hazards are physical, biological, ergonomic, chemical, etc. Regardless of whether hazards are identified before, during or after a job, task or event, it is important that they be recorded for the prevention of accidents and injuries from occurring. Subsequently, it is through the reporting and analyzing of potential or existing hazards that effective preventative measures are created for health and safety programs.

Standard customization options include:

  • Company logo
  • Company header (address, phone, etc.)
  • Form numbering

Need any of the field names modified to fit your company’s specific needs? No problem! Click HERE to visit our Print Your Own Design Calculators. Use “HID2” in the Template Code box to reference this form and detail the requested modifications in the Special Instructions field. Need different print specs than you see here? You can find a wider range of specifications with the Print Your Own Design as well.



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