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Use our Pre-Job Hazard Assessment | THA2 template as a pre-job checklist, tailgate meeting report, hazard assessment or all of the above! We certainly utilize every inch of THA2’s legal-sized (8.5″ x 14″) page format. The main body includes room for Emergency Response Plan (ERP) details, a handy safety checklist as well as safety meeting minutes / topics discussed. Most importantly, there are 9 lines for documenting the hazards identified and the corrective action taken to control them. Finish off by collecting both a supervisor’s signature and up to 12 attendee signatures.

Hazard assessments are an essential part of every corporate health & safety program. Not only is it a requirement of Occupational Health & Safety regulations to perform hazard assessments but they must also be properly documented as well. A Task Hazard Assessment, also known as a Job Safety Analysis, are completed in order to identify potential or existing hazards that may be present during the course of a specific job or task. The assessor will then put in place and record preventative measures to eliminate or mitigate the hazards.

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Need any of the field names modified to fit your company’s specific needs? No problem! Click HERE to visit our Print Your Own Design Calculators. Use “THA2” in the Template Code box to reference this form and detail the requested modifications in the Special Instructions field. Need different print specs than you see here? You can find a wider range of specifications with the Print Your Own Design as well.

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