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Suitable for truck-related field work, our Work Ticket | WT2 template features a large stamp area for client approvals and a basic hazard identification checklist. You will also find a Work Description area before giving way to a large 16-row area for recording billable items. With individual columns for Rate, KM’s and Hours this work ticket allows for not only the employees billable time but their distance travelled to job site(s) as well. Also included are “driver” and “swamper” sign-offs, that could be renamed by special request.

A work ticket is a form that records the time an employee spends working on a specific job thus allowing for a company to accurately bill the costs of direct labor to customers. Additionally, it may also be used to calculate wages of employees who are paid by the hour. Other functions that make work tickets useful are calculating labor costs, tracking productivity and profitability of projects, creating budgets or forecasting for future proposals.

Standard customization options include:

  • Company logo
  • Company header (address, phone, etc.)
  • Form numbering
  • GST / provincial tax number

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