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Sales Order | SO1 is designed for the operator conducting business primarily in the field. The client information area records address (or LSD) as well as AFE/CC numbers and company rep name. The template also features a prominent “Stamp Here” box at the bottom left to collect official client authorizations / sign-offs. Additionally, all four of the main table’s column headers are accessible for customization.

Sales orders, also referred to as SO’s, is a business form created internally and serve to clearly state details about an order between a buyer and seller. Unlike a Purchase Order, which is created by the buyer, a Sales Order is created by the seller of a product or service in order to keep track of orders that they fulfill. Common information found on SO’s are customer details as well as a customer PO#, description of products or services, quantity, unit price and total cost.

Standard customization options include:

  • Company logo
  • Company header (address, phone, etc.)
  • Form numbering
  • “Qty.” column header
  • “Description” column header
  • “Price” column header
  • “Amount” column header
  • GST / provincial tax number

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