Record of Safety Meeting & Tailgate | RSM1
Record of Safety Meeting & Tailgate | RSM1

Record of Safety Meeting & Tailgate | RSM1

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One of our best-selling safety forms, the Record of Safety Meeting | RSM1 template records safety meeting notes, your emergency response plan (ERP), a hazard assessment (both with hazard check boxes and written task steps) and meeting attendance (with room for 14 people) all in a single legal-sized form.

Tailgate meetings, also known as toolbox talks, occur on-site before workers start a specific job or task. They allow for supervisors and / or crew members to review job practices and procedures, safety hazards, personnel roles and responsibilities, etc. Unlike formal safety meetings, tailgate meetings are generally shorter in length. Not only does discussing safety topics that relate to the job or task right before starting help to keep your employees focused but it can also help keep safety a top priority within your organization. Completing frequent meetings will also encourage effective communication among your workforce.

Standard customization options include:

  • Company logo
  • Company header (address, phone, etc.)
  • Form numbering

Need any of the field names modified to fit your company’s specific needs? No problem! Click HERE to visit our Print Your Own Design Calculators. Use “RSM1” in the Template Code box to reference this form and detail the requested modifications in the Special Instructions field. Need different print specs than you see here? You can find a wider range of specifications with the Print Your Own Design as well.



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