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Our Labour & Materials Invoice | TSI1 template is a great choice for the tradesperson that takes their services to the customer! It includes a unique directions box at the top right of the page to record travel details in preparation for the job. Following that you’ll find 24 (yes, 24!) lines for materials and 6 lines for labour charges. A handy “Other Charges” section for those oddball billable items completes this forms design. This template should never have you asking for more room.

Invoices are one of the most sought after type of business form. This is because they are a critical element in a business operation. Invoices record transactions of goods and / or services. Generally invoices include but are not limited to descriptions of goods and services, unit costs, payment terms and additional cost such as shipping. You’ll find that invoices are most commonly produced in a multipart format on NCR (carbonless) paper for the purpose of allowing the buyer, seller or any other person entitled to receive an exact copy of the form for their records. 

Standard customization options include:

  • Company logo
  • Company header (address, phone, etc.)
  • Form numbering
  • GST / provincial tax number

Need different print specs than you see here? No problem! Click HERE to visit our Print Your Own Design Calculators for a wider range of specifications.


1 review for Labour & Materials Invoice | TSI1

  1. Mark L.

    Template was exactly what I was looking for. Was able to add my own logo – super easy to use site. I will be back!

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